Registration of drug products

Our company offers a wide range of services for the state registration of drugs of domestic and foreign production, both innovative and replicated (generic), of a very different spectrum of origin and application.

We will assist in the preparation of documents for registration of drug products in the Russian Federation, accompanying documents for government agencies, in submitting samples for quality examination, tracking requests from experts, responding to requests in a timely and adequate manner.
A separate registration dossier is required for each dosage form. Within one dossier, you can simultaneously submit one dosage form with different dosages, concentration, volume.

In addition, we provide services for making changes in registration documents for a registered drug and confirming the registration of drug products, providing a multi-pronged approach to solving problems arising from the implementation of this procedure.

We will be happy to advise you, relying on reputable professional experience and ongoing monitoring of legal requirements.

If you need more detailed information on all cooperation-related issues you may dial (499) 110-55-10 or use the feedback form on our website.


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