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We welcome you at pages of our web-site and we represent the information about our services of registration of drugs, substances, biologically active supplements (BAS), medical immunobiological preparations, disinfection products and medical devices.

We offer you a complex of services including the multilateral approach to the decision of your problems. All kinds of services appear according to the current legislation of the Russian Federation and in maximum shot time. We shall be glad to consult you and to assist in the decision of the put questions in following directions:

  1. Registration of drugs;
  2. Registration of substances;
  3. Registration of medical immunobiological preparations;
  4. Registration of biologically active supplements (BAS);
  5. Registration of disinfection products;
  6. Registration of medical devices;
  7. Certification in system of GOST R;
  8. The registration of the veterinary drugs and food supplements for animals;
  9. Registration in Belarus

You decided right not to distract from the basic activity, not to waste your time and power for no reason. Give to professionals the right to solve your problems with registration of your production.

We accompany you, since competent consultation by preparation of a necessary package of documents and finishing reception of a registration certificate.

We create to you conditions for concentration of your attention directly at the subject of your business: produce, sell, promote your products in the market

We provide the complex decision of our general problems with high skill level of our experts, a wide spectrum of services, wide experience of work.

2 comments on “Our services
  1. Polina says:

    Скажите, пожалуйста, сколько стоит регистрация пластырей хирургических и фиксаторов для катетеров?

    • Добрый день, Полина.
      Пришлите подробные спецификации на изделия, расчет стоимости зависит от вашей информации.

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